12 Young Agripreneurs! $100,000!

Here are Gen Africa’s Top 12 GoGettaz!

Wasafiri is delighted to share a huge milestone! Generation Africa has announced the Top 12 GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize finalists for 2019 and the list is impressive!  But first some background, the 2019 GoGettaz competition is a flagship project of Generation Africa, a broader partnership initiative, catalysed by Yara International and Econet Group.  Wasafiri has played a strategic role in the emergence of the initiative, initially through a Landscape Study: Youth Enterprise in Africa’s Agri-Food Sector launched in Davos earlier this year; and since then in playing a management role to coordinate activities and forge the partnership.

On May 30th  Generation Africa officially launched the 2019 GoGettaz competition,  a continent-wide search for best in class, tech-savvy young agripreneurs , aged 18 – 35 , providing innovative solutions that enhance jobs, prosperity and food security in Africa. Following a rigorous selection process, 12 finalists, each founders of financially viable ventures in the agri-food sector, were selected to take part in a live grand finale competition on 3 September 2019, at the Africa Green Revolution Forum in Accra, Ghana. The competition will ultimately select two innovative ventures to win $50,000 each in social impact investment as well as mentoring support.

Now, the exciting news! After review of 3,000+ online applications from 39 African countries and following 2 rigorous selection rounds! The Top 12 GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize finalists for 2019 whose ventures stood out based on innovation; market presence and traction; inspiration and presentation; social and environmental impact; and the scalability and financial sustainability of their business model are…. drumroll please…

1.     Starlin Farah, Ecodudu Limited, Kenya – Ecodudu Limited is a feed manufacturing and fertilizer producing company that uses Black Soldier Fly insect technology to sustainably and consistently offer alternative protein for animals.

 2.     Leah Bessa, Gourmet Grubb, South AfricaGourmet Grubb has created a dairy alternative / alt Protein using Black Soldier Fly larvae, farmed commercially. The aim is to introduce insects as sustainable, scalable, nutrient-dense food source to the world with the goal of reducing the pressures of traditional farming on the planet. 

 3.     Siny SambaLe Lionceau, Senegal –Le Lionceau ‘s mission is to  improve the nutritional health of moms and baby food by offering products that are 100% natural and use  traditional African food crops with high nutritional value.

 4.    Bonolo Monthes, Maungo Craft, Botswana Maungo Craft works with oil producers and communities to turn underused indigenous fruits of Botswana into gourmet low-to-no-sugar preserves. We put our culture in a bottle.

5.     Affiong Williams, ReelFruit Nigeria, NigeriaReelFruit is  the largest dried fruit processing company in Nigeria by revenue and distribution. Their mission is to improve the fruit value chain and  to ensure “Made-in-Nigeria” is taken to the world.  

6.     Lilian Nakigozi, Women Smiles Uganda, Uganda Women Smiles Uganda is using vertical farming mechanisms  to eradicate hunger and transform the health and livelihoods of women in slum communities.

7.     Piwai Chikasha, Alley Capital Limited, Zimbabwe – Alley Capital Limited is using customized drones to offer high quality crop spraying services at affordable prices and offers expertise to develop unique in-house systems. 

 8.     Bright Benjamin Igbokwe, ColdHubsNigeriaColdHubs tackling food waste, health and livelihoods issues by offering Walk-in, solar-powered cold stations for 24/7 storage and preservation extends. The ColdHubs extend the shelf life of perishable food from 2 to 21 days and have a flexible pay-as-you-store model

9.     Bertin Fokou, Distribution Express (DITEX), CameroonDitex’s “WhatsNear”,  a mobile and web app, connects farmers with on demand transport service providers that are affordable, reliable and ready to pick up  produce at farm gates; reducing supply costs and  enhancing food access.

10.   Job Oyebisi, FarmCorps, NigeriaFarmCorps is digital platform connecting smallholder farmers to human and capital resources  such as inputs and  fund tokens  to boost their farm production and income.

11.   Steven Betcha, NgomalandsDemocratic Republic of Congo – Ngomalands is a tech-platform, mobile and web app, that connects owners of uncultivated arable land with people seeking land to rent for agricultural purposes. A gateway into Agribusiness.

 12.   Isaac Sesi, Sesi Technologies Limited, Ghana-Sesi Technologies’ GrainMate provides farmers with  an affordable and simple-to-use grain moisture meter which accurately measures the moisture content in grains, before and during storage, to help reduce post-harvest losses.

We all are excited!

“A new generation of tech-savvy agripreneurs will help deliver the jobs, prosperity and food security that are vital to Africa’s future,” – Luis Alfredo Pérez, Head of Business Unit Africa at Yara International.

“Africa’s next generation brings a confident entrepreneurial mindset which, when matched with education, support and investment, will accelerate tech-enabled growth and job creation. Much of this potential lies at the intersection of the agri-food sector and the current technology revolution,” – Dalumuzi Mhlanga, Chief of Staff at Econet Global.

“Africa’s next generation have the passion and entrepreneurial zeal to transform the agri-food sector. These finalists embody that and should inspire countless others. Through our work on Generation Africa, Wasafiri is proud to be scaffolding together the partners that can help such young entrepreneurs thrive all across the continent.” – Ian Randall, Director and Principal Consultant, Wasafiri.

Generation Africa’s enduring mission is to bring the dynamism of youth entrepreneurship to Africa’s agri-food sector, and to strengthen the ecosystem that supports these entrepreneurs challenging journey from ideation to scale.  The two GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize winners (one woman and one man) will be announced on September 4th, 2019 at the AGRF Gala Dinner alongside the winner of this year’s prestigious Africa Food Prize.

From one Msafiri to another, I wish the top 12 GoGettaz all the very best in their journey to the finish line!