Systemcraft Certificate

A practical approach to tackling complex problems 


14-15 NOV

A Two-day Training on the Practicalities of Creating a

System-Level Change

Are you interested in how to create systems-level change? Are you working on complex social or environmental issues? Do you work for a public or NGO organisation wondering how to best use your mandate? Or are you interested in responsible leadership and the role private sector organisations can play? Are you stuck and wondering what do I do next?

Then this two-day training is for you.  

The course will offer you:

1. An applied understanding of what a complex problem really is (and is not)

2. An applied understanding of how to use a systems-based approach to change

3. Confidence to use the Systemcraft Tool to create practical change

4. A network of like-minded change leaders

5. A chance to work on a real change you are trying to create

The course will be practical and experiential with a small group. There will be a mix of theory, case studies and practical exercises and you will also have a chance to work directly on your own complex change challenge.

If you would like more information, or a call to discuss the course in more detail then email Kate Simpson on kate@wasafiriconsulting.com

Practical Details:

Venue – Covent Garden

Food – Course fees include tea & coffee; participants will need to provide their own lunch. The course is non-residential

Fees – £600 (including VAT) for 2 days, includes all course materials and a follow-up coaching call with course tutors. Limited bursaries available upon application.

About Wasafiri:

Wasafiri works with leaders and organisations to tackle some of humanity’s toughest problems. Through our work on issues such as countering violent extremism, climate change, and agricultural reform in Africa, we have developed ‘Systemcraft‘- an applied approach to complex change that helps leaders and organisations:

  • Understand the nature of complex problems (and why they can seem so stuck)
  • Answer the question “so what do I do next?” in order to effect change

Systemcraft can be applied to any complex problem. Whether you are seeking to create culture change within your business or organisation, tackle long term sustainability issues, integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into your organisation or take on complex social issues such as affordable housing; Systemcraft can help you work out – “so what do I do next?