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On the front lines of preventing violent extremism: an interview with Gaëlle Le Pottier

It’s 16 years to the day after the attacks on the twin towers and I’m sat in a chilly Nairobi café eating a limp croissant with Gaëlle Le Pottier and trying to work out what it really takes to provide leadership in the face of one of today’s pre-eminent complex problems – violent extremism.

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Peace, conflict & and living with complexity: A story of conflict in pastoralist areas

In this blog we look at complexity – not in theory, not in books, but in messy, live, reality. Hamish Wilson interviewed Jarso Guyo Mokku, a pastoralist leader from Northern Kenya, about his perspectives on the changing dynamics of peace and conflict in the region and the increasing complexity he finds himself living in

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Countering Violent Extremism and the quest for adaptive approaches to change

If there is one thing I’ve learned recently, it’s that violent extremism is a complex problem. Here in the Horn of Africa, a vast number of potential causal factors exist to incite someone to violence and the connections between them are often hard to see. And yet, despite the complexities, we (the international community) often […]

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Latest Report: Fertilizer Subsidy Reform Revives Nigeria’s Agriculture

Grow Africa releases its latest discussion paper, Fertilizer Subsidy Reform Revives Nigeria’s Agriculture, as part of its series of case studies in support of transformative change in African agriculture. Grow Africa’s executive director, Arne Cartridge, comments: “Opinions about the role of fertilizer subsidies in agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa have fluctuated significantly over the past […]


Beyond planning – the search for complex solutions

The past month has been, in a word, complex. I’ve found myself in London helping Google grapple with emerging markets, in Somalia with the British Government wrestling with ongoing conflict and then back to Nairobi overseeing projects tackling issues of community security and extremism. And in amongst it all, I’ve become preoccupied with the search to […]