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Rooting for resilience

In keeping with the global shift towards recognising resilience as a vital component of humanitarian and development work, Christian Aid has embraced resilience-building as key to achieving its overall vision of eradicating worldwide poverty. Enshrined in its 2012 Partnership for Change strategy as the power of individuals and communities to live with dignity, responding successfully […]

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Taking a systemic approach to address health and HIV challenges

Christian Aid’s recently launched global strategy, Partnership for Change, emphasizes that in order for Community Health and HIV programmes supported by the organisation to be more effective, they must move away from an exclusive focus on service delivery and directly address the systems and structures keeping people in poverty, a major barrier to accessing healthcare. […]

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Strengthening the fight against HIV in Southern Africa

With dramatic changes taking place in the nature of the HIV epidemic since the introduction of antiretroviral therapy, and consequent shifts in the global response to HIV (together with the onset of donor fatigue), Catholic aid agency CAFOD recognised the need to strengthen its HIV response in the global HIV hub of Southern Africa through […]