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The Significance and Magic of Slowing Down

Introduction Slowing down is an amazing way of creating conditions in which a system accomplishes what “it” is seeking to achieve in a faster and more effective way. By system I mean ‘self’ as in individual person, or a group of people or an organisation. For some reason, we have tricked ourselves into thinking about […]

What enhances innovation? Lessons from my work in Abu Dhabi

Introduction Youth unemployment is a challenge in many parts of the world. The phenomenon of growing armies of unemployed young people is an alarming reality for governments and all people concerned with the well-being of society. I was in Abu Dhabi from 21st to 27th May 2012 working under the auspices of Common Purpose’s Itijah […]

How to work creatively with senior leaders

Introduction Between 8th and 18th March, I was invited to facilitate and engage with the top national leaders of Ghana on the subject of Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management.  “Martin, you have to bear in mind that these are the senior most leaders of our country,” Winfred Nelson, the Co-ordinator of the African […]

How to revive the true spirit of Public Service

Introduction Zambia has won the Africa Cup! What can my country’s latest achievement in football teach us about how to rekindle the spirit of Public Service? Does it take more than politicians to inspire a country? What are some of the missing elements in our effort to attain our desired standard of living for everyone? […]

Why do African Presidents fail to deliver on their promises?

Introduction I am writing this article with the assumption that many African Presidents (and their governments), with the exception of one or two cases, fail to achieve what they promise their people at the beginning of their term of office. This failure of leadership shows itself in the poverty that the African continent continues to […]

Listening as a Key Currency in Consulting

Introduction What is the most powerful currency for a facilitator? What really makes a facilitator a true helper? Since I began to consciously think of myself as an organisation development consultant, I have always wondered what qualities I need to possess to be considered a competent and effective helper. I tend to use the term […]

Leading like Madiba: Leadership Lessons from Nelson Mandela

The world is in dire need of great leaders, ones who inspire people not through words but by serving them. The cutting edge in leadership discourse is the old fashioned idea of leadership through service. The whole human race, we could say, desperately needs these servant-leaders who really attend to others and are beacons of […]