Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) has always been the nerdy cousin of the development world

The difference between organised crime and violent extremism is at times difficult to discern.

3.9 million Kenyans, some 8% of the population, face the stark reality of living in extreme poverty.

The Sustainable Development Goals define the most compelling global challenges of our era. Wasafiri’s work with multinationals is demonstrating the vital leadership role they can play in forging more inclusive and sustainable economies, and strengthening global public goods like security, health, biodiversity and climate

At Wasafiri we thought we’d slow things down a little, and share with our community what we’ve been reading and listening too in the past couple of months

DFID has convening power – not least because it has significant resources -, takes a results-based approach, and it covers all dimensions of poverty reduction

Responsible leadership for a complex world. We live in a world facing challenges that no single individual or institution, however well intentioned, powerful or well-resourced, can tackle alone. Challenges such as climate change, the rise of popularism, inequality, biodiversity loss and more.

At Wasafiri, we have recently been discussing different measurement techniques when trying to understand how change happens in complex conflict-affected environments. This is no easy task.