Welcoming Wasafiri’s new General Manager, Chris Hodder, to the team!


“We are excited to announce that Chris Hodder has joined the Wasafiri team and into a new role of General Manger. Chris brings a breadth of experience from the humanitarian and development sectors; he will be working across our global business, supporting us to expand our existing work within food systems across Africa and conflict systems in East Africa, as well as driving our growing global work on climate change. As well as all that he will undoubtably be pioneering new mountain bike trails whilst trying to keep up with his daughters – feel free to reach out to Chris if you are curious to learn more about Wasafiri’s work (or local mountain biking).” Kate Simpson, MD Wasafiri

After following the growth of Wasafiri for many years, I have finally joined this great, fast moving, passionate team and I am excited to start as their new General Manager. I will be providing support across the global team, helping out on new opportunities and driving the business forward.

From my early childhood in Kenya climbing up and down the mud heaps from my parents’ archaeological digs out by Lake Baringo, I have always had the pull and drive to work in this beautiful continent. 15 years later, I have worked at the forefront of some of the most complex emergencies. From starting out in Botswana, living in the most amazing nature of the Okavango, I have also worked in some of the worst human conflict areas of DRC and Chad where I worked with MSF and emergency response programmes. West Africa will always have the pull of the music and the food as I spent three years working in the different environments such as nutrition programming in northern Nigeria, to the informal settlements in Freetown and Accra. I have also been working with governments on policy formation around disasters, climate change and the environment. Most recently I have been in the mountain kingdom of Nepal working with very remote communities impacted by the 2015 earthquake. Therefore, I bring to the team a wide experience of working in tough environments, working with policy and legal frameworks, but most importantly a good general management approach from over 15 years of managing teams and organisations in diverse contexts.

What attracted me to Wasafiri was the systems approach and trying to look at complex issues and the process of trying to find solutions to some of the world’s toughest issues. I am passionate about complex environments and asking the hard questions. Climate change and the unfolding emergency we have as a global population means I want to work in this area, and I’m super excited to try and see how I can learn and utilise Wasafiri’s Systemcraft approach. Questions I’m keen to start tackling include: how to get economies and companies to net zero emissions; how can we understand and change to circular economies with less waste; and how can we deliver on carbon offsetting or carbon balancing. All these are complex issues of our times and if we don’t try to solve these there may not be a bright future for the next generations to come, and that’s why I want to try to tackle these issues and feel Wasafiri is the place to do exactly that.

I was also attracted by the team, the vision and the culture that is quite clearly at the forefront of everything they do. I am so excited to be part of this and to support Wasafiri on their way forward.